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Couples Pleasure Dome brings you DVD quality downloadable videos featuring hot couples making love. These movies have been selected especially to appeal to women and couples!
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Are you sick of searching for quality porn that doesn't offend? Couples Pleasure Dome is what you've been looking for! All the DVD quality movies inside have been chosen because they will appeal to female viewers. There's foreplay, kissing, and real interaction between these couples. The movies have interesting storylines, sexy actors, and the guys sure know how to go down on a woman!
Couples Pleasure Dome offers you a selection of movies from some of the biggest and best known adult studios, all of whom are known for their couples movies. This site has been designed to offer couples a relaxed place to explore sexually explicit material together. And because it's part of the Adult Video Planet Network, you also get access to thousands of other movies and sites, to suit every taste.

Hi, I'm Karrie, the webmistress behind Couples Pleasure Dome.
All the porn movies selected for this site have been vetted by me to meet certain standards.
So while all the movies inside are hardcore movies with heaps of hot sex, they also depict
foreplay, kissing, a sense of fun and intimacy, and of course, great cunnilingus.
I know there are plenty of women like me who love porn, but they want something more than the usual stuff served up for male viewers. It's my aim to offer that "special something" in this site. As Couples Pleasure Dome grows and is regularly updated, I'll be keeping watch for the best in couples porn movies, and applying my quality standards to each one.


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